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Lift Docks

Our steel frame lift docks our designed to help you with your spring installation and fall removal. Whether it's attached to your deck or a stand alone, it can be installed in virtually any location. 

Our lift docks come with removable pressure treated decking panels that are removed once you are ready to lift your dock. Removing the decking also makes the dock a lot lighter and therefore making the lifting job even easier. Once the decking is removed, set up your winch pole, hook up the cable, and lift. Our winch poles come with an easy to turn worm gear winch with an automatic brake, so no need to worry about broken or bruised hands from the handle slipping.

Have a height difference from your deck to the water? We are able to build in an integrated staircase into the dock frame to get your dock closer to the water.

Our lift docks come with standard galvanized legs and sand pads as well as painted or galvanized finishes for the steel dock frame. If the water in your specific location is a bit deeper, cross braces are available to help stabilize your dock even in deeper water.     

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